Paige’s first posthumous release!

Upon passing, Paige left a number of unfinished manuscripts. Those with drafts close to completion will be released for her readers in time.

The first such story is The Silver Fox, a sequel to Hot for the Handyman. It’ll be everywhere by July 16, but for now, you can find it on Kindle for preorder.

The Silver Fox follows Tanisha, the daughter of Handyman’s heroine Yvetta, as she falls for an older man–and her boss–notorious playboy Andrew Fox.

Personal assistant Tanisha Phelps has had enough of her new boss. He’s an arrogant, demanding, a playboy, and everything she despises in a man.

Too bad she can’t stop thinking about him.

Andrew Fox knows he got off on the wrong foot with his PA Tanisha, and that his job could be in jeopardy if he gave into his true feelings for her. But a business trip puts them too close to ignore their rising attraction. Giving in would risk everything, but it also might bring Tanisha and Drew exactly what they need.

The first book has been given an updated cover as well.

The combined duology will get a print release in the coming months as well, bundled as Love Unexpected.