Lust and Found

Kadesha Walters has a good life, a successful business and good friends. The one thing missing is romance. Then one day she witnesses an accident, and finds herself being interviewed at the local precinct. It’s here she meets Detective Rick Connors, a big handsome cop who makes her pulse race. Lucky for her, he’s just as smitten.

The sparks ignite between them, but their romance has a rocky start. His work demands his full attention as his team closes in on an important perp. But then she is terrorized by a burglar in her own store, and Rick’s focus turns to keeping his woman safe.

Re-release coming December 14, 2015!

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Rating: You Want/Need To Read 3-1/2 stars
Reviewed By: Rasia

Lust and found is a short read filled with suspense. Kadesha witnesses a car accident and goes the check if the people in the car are alright. Only to find that they already left the car, leaving a black leather notebook behind. Kadesha picks the notebook up and while calling the police she puts the notebook in her purse. The police take her to the station to make a report, there she meets Detective Rick, and she forgets all about the notebook. Not knowing the owner of the notebook will come to reclaim his possession.

It’s a great story in a small package of suspense. With a sexy detective seducing the witness and the witness is more than willing to succumb to the attraction. This results in some steamy scenes where sparks fly. The events that happened are very realistically described and I like how everything clicks at the end. A great read.


Lust and Found is a very short story that demonstrates that love can come from the strangest of circumstances. Bonds between couples can grow over years or over minutes. When you meet someone that piques your interest, sometimes things just click. I liked the chemistry of the couple in this story, they didn’t try to fight their feelings, they just went with the flow. Both had strong personalities and knew what they wanted which helped the flow of the story.

Reviewed by: Pam S.

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