The Awakening of Alyce

Twelve years after Alyce Mason chose to care for her ailing mother over her high school sweetheart Gavin, the love of her life walks back into her world to pay his respects at her mother’s funeral.  But before they can rekindle their relationship, he’s called away and she begins to have doubts.

“You must go out there and live your life now. I mean it. Don’t get old and die with regrets like me…” These words, uttered by her mother on her deathbed, resonated with Alyce and, feeling she has nothing left to lose, makes a decision to do just that. She books a trip to a tropical resort catering specifically to plus-sized singles and their admirers.

Through the hedonistic activities she witnesses, and through friendship with a charming Italian, Antonio, Alyce comes to gain confidence in her own attractiveness and sensuality. And when Gavin once more returns to her side, she prepares to show him she’s ready for a second chance at love.

Re-release coming January 28, 2019

Just $2.99 at…

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