It is New Orleans, 1850. Blanche Paradis, a free woman of color, has carved out a good life, including a job she enjoys, and a man she loves, gambler Bart Donovan. One small blemish mars her happiness: the obsessive interest of a mysterious aristocrat, Lucien St.Clair.

In a moment of weakness, Blanche falls into Lucien’s bed, sealing her fate and that of her lover. For Lucien is much more than he seems, and his lust for the beautiful Blanche knows no bounds.

Re-release coming October 19, 2015!

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A note about Obsession from Paige’s literary heir…

Obsession originally had a very different ending (which I won’t spoil for people who haven’t read it yet) that left the door open to a sequel. This sequel was mostly written but never completed, however Paige left notes for the ending. It’s my hope one day to complete this work and offer it for sale. For now, Obsession‘s ending remains as published, but please keep an eye on this site for details in case the full novel is available in the next few years.



It was not love…it was lust…fueled by too much champagne.

Obsession is a fitting title that expresses obsession from two characters in the book. One is a vampire tale of passion. The second is a tale of a lovers revenge.

I enjoyed the thrill of Blanche being torn between Bart and Lucien. Her fighting the passion and lust that was obviously there. I think the author did a great job in incorporating a few French lines which really added to the context.

I would highly recommend reading Obsession by Paige Bennett. It’s a short magnifque read of one man’s desire and passion for a woman who is already spoken for.

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